Now Ensure Lucrative Results With Stockyard Classifieds Pty Ltd’s Horses for Sale Online Classified Section

Powered by one of the largest equestrian websites with user-friendly interface, Stockyard Classifieds is now ensuring lucrative results for horse breeders and owners through their horses for sale classified section. The website is listed on all leading search engines and their clients can be assured of enhanced exposure among the equestrian community all across the globe. Besides this, they regularly publish advertisement about their site in equine sections of all leading newspapers to ensure maximum publicity. A strategy that has also contributed in helping the website score 15,000,000 hits every month.

By making use of cutting edge classified and forum software, they guarantee the best results through their ‘horses for sale' ad campaigns. In the classifieds, clients can not only put details of their horses, but also they can post photos and videos thereby adding authenticity to their offers and deals. It is a well-established fact that advertisements with pictorial evidence like photos garner ten times more response than the advertisement minus photographs.

As far as the charges and pricing structure is concerned, Stockyard Classifieds Pty Ltd is very affordable, as one of the representatives elaborates, “If you have a horse for sale the most it will cost you to advertise is only $20.00 (UNTIL SOLD). Horses for sale up to $5000 are FREE and you can upload up to 8 photos and a YouTube video!  The majority of our advertising categories are FREE”. 

In addition to horse related classifieds, the website also hosts ‘Discussion Forums’ for equestrian community members from all walks of life and community can interact and share their knowledge about horses. It is an interactive and impartial space encouraging and facilitating information exchange.


About Stockyard

The Stockyard internet website is all about the horse and has become the one stop shop and meeting place for the equine community! It is an award winning website in recognition of creativity, integrity and excellence on the web. The website a popular platform for horses for sale classified and advertisement and also hosts dedicated discussions forums for horse minded people.

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